Delhi NCR Property Related Queries?

Do you really think greens building will pick momentum in Gurgaon?

Yes, the momentum will pick up slowly but steadily. Gurgaon and the NCR need it badly, to lower their operating, energy and water consumption to reduce load on infrastructure. This can only happen if each project is sustainable with reduced water and energy demands.

Is solar energy a feasible initiative in a market like Gurgaon, as there is plenty of opportunity to tap that?

Yes! As Gurgaon is in the northern part in India, there is plenty of sunlight. On solar power, lots of people have questions. Our climate in Delhi and the NCR allows up to tap into solar power. It can easily be used. In fact, we have used it in a couple of projects for water heating and power generation. Moser Baer, Tata BIPV, etc, are few players in the market offering solar technology.

What about the maintenance of green technology? Do we have enough expertise or resource available in major cities?

Yes, the resources and the facilities are being gradually put in place wherever there is a demand, the supply side kicks in. In fact, there are in house facility management teams which maintain the facilities after they are occupied to make sure the buildings perform as designed.

What is the major difference between green homes and conventional homes?

Green homes may be slightly more expensive than conventional houses as there are fewer green material and equipment available in the market to cater to demand. Also insulation, cost of green buildings slightly. However, these costs are slowly decreasing. Also, the additional cost is recouped in the long run as green buildings have lower operating costs (lower energy bills). The other benefits of green buildings are good day lighting, natural ventilation, lower water and material consumption efficient waste recycling and improved health for occupants.

Do the real estate promoters, agents or brokers take any kind money from the buyers?

No, old days passed away in the currents scenario if you are buying a home, apartment and flats, real estate promoters don’t take any kind money from you. Even they serve you batter.

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2 Responses to Delhi NCR Property Related Queries?

  1. Really good work dude!
    These are the basic questions come in the mind of a general viewer… Nice blog keeps it up!

  2. This article have helped me to know the benefits regarding the real estate agents or brokers while purchasing for a property.

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