Some basics real estate statistics….

The basic real estate statistics that get thrown around on a regular basis, to do that we will use one real estate market, located in sector 150 Noida. The statistics that we will be referencing are true and accurate for the year discussed but are being used to define the real estate statistic its self.  We have chosen sector 150 Noida as our example because the growth of the local real estate market there make the statistics stand out.

Since 2004 Noida (New Okhla Industrial development authority)  has been one of the fastest growing in real estate sector. We believe Noida’s rapid urbanization has implications for demand in housing, urban infrastructure. The twenty first century will likely see a majority of India’s population living in  urban areas for first time in history. India  has 10 of the 30 fatest growing cities in the world and is witnessing rapid urbanization. This is happening not only in the larger cities but in small and mid size cities like  Sector 150 Noida.

We believe India’s rapid urbanization has implications for demand  in housing, urban infrastructure, offices, retail, and hotels in Noida. Many of people would prefer living in Noida due to easy commute to Delhi.  Most of MNCs situated  in Noida like Accenture, HCL, TCS, CSE etc. If you are looking for investments options that have a high return you should consider investing in Noida Projects. One of the most important decisions is do you sell the property with profit. Smart and profitable properties in noida investment it is all about location.

Sector 150 Noida is on the top of the investment radar for real estate In fact, over the years the demand for residential property in Delhi has risen to a great extent. As a result, the Real estate in Noida  is a strong market for people looking for property for purchased.  Now Godrej  properties launched new residential project in sector 150 Noida. The location sector 150 Noida is very close to Yamuna Express Way and Pari Chowk, Greter Noida.

Metro Rail connectivity has been an important factor in enhancing the real estate development in sector 150 Noida. Also, a lot of NRI investments are seen coming to  Sector 150 Noida. Foreign investors prefer Sector 150 Noida from the investment point of view owing to the large number of property options like luxury flats, apartments, builder project, villas, penthouses, farmland and bungalows available to them.


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